@AUGUSTSLIST 1/11-1/20, 2019, #506 • Please donate $10 (or more) to the DLC Nurse & Learn in Jax FL • DLC: an after-school facility for kids with significant impairments and/or medical needs. Learn more here. Go to “Give To Kids” • Read Why DLC? • About August.. Best of 2016vol...Best of 2017: vol 1…..vol 2…..vol 3. ….…..Best of 2018: vol 1….. vol 2

YouTube playlist — alt link

  1. Mandolin Orange, Golden Embers (Chapel Hill, NC)
  2. Lumen Craft, Stranger (São Paulo, Brazil)
  3. Møme w/ Ricky Ducati, Sail Away (Nice, FR)
  4. Roosevelt, Losing Touch (Viersen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
  5. Talos, See Me (Cork, Ireland)
  6. Jon Bellion, Blu (Lake Grove, NY)
  7. Vök, Spend The Love (Reykjavík)
  8. Møme, Møment II (Nice, FR)
  9. Morrissey, Never Again Will I Be a Twin (Davyhulme, Lancashire, UK)

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