@AUGUSTSLIST 02/01/23, #553 Developmental Learning Center (DLC) is the only daycare center in Jacksonville FL accepting kids with significant impairments / complex medical needs. What are working parents/guardians supposed to do if no daycare will accept their child on account of his or her impairments / medical needs? This worthy nonprofit needs your support! Please donate $10 • Learn more hereGo to “Give” • Read Why DLC? • This site’s namesake: August & book about him

YouTube playlist — alt link

  1. Cavetown, kill u
  2. Jessie Murph, About You
  3. Arlo Parks, Weightless
  4. Beach Weather, Trouble With This Bed
  5. half·alive, Nobody
  6. Death Cab for Cutie, Pepper
  7. Avril Lavigne, I’m A Mess
  8. SZA, Kill Bill
  9. half•alive, Did I Make You Up?
  10. Hemlocke Springs, stranger danger!
  11. Circa Waves, Living In The Grey
  12. Weyes Blood, The Worst Is Done
  13. Daughter, Be On Your Way
  14. Belle and Sebastian, Do You Follow
  15. The National, Tropic Morning News
  16. Nell Mescal, Homesick
  17. Boygenius, $20
  18. Belle and Sebastian, When the Cynics Stare Back From The Wall
  19. Ladytron, International Dateline
  20. Philip Selway, Check for Signs of Life
  21. a-ha, Between the Halo and The Horn
  22. The War On Drugs, three songs

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