August Chazan-Gabbard
March 5, 1999 – October 15, 2013

August was born in San Francisco and in 2001 moved with his family to Jacksonville, Florida, where he attended the Mt. Herman Exceptional Student Center during the day and the DLC Nurse & Learn after school and during holiday breaks.

Chris Gabbard’s book about August, A Life Beyond Reason: A Father’s Memoir, from Beacon Press, came out in May 2019. A poignant, powerfully written story of a radically mismanaged delivery at a major medical institution as well as the painful yet paradoxically luminous consequences of that catastrophe. Simultaneously a timely exploration of medical error, a moving disability memoir, and an elegy for the blithe spirit of a much-loved child, Gabbard’s book will be must reading not only for investigators of medical malpractice and theorists of disability but also for all who are awed by the intensity of parental devotion.”—Sandra M. Gilbert, author of Death’s Door and co-author of The Madwoman in the Attic

Order through:

Beacon Press


Barnes & Noble

More information here

University of North Florida English professor Chris Gabbard with his son August at their home in Jacksonville, FL, in 2010  (Photo by Matt Stroshane)

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