@AUGUSTSLIST 11/15-12/31, 2021, #546 DLC Nurse & Learn is the only daycare center in Jacksonville FL accepting kids with severe impairments / medical needs. What are working parents/guardians to do? This worthy nonprofit needs your support! Please donate $10 • Learn more hereGo to “Give” • Read Why DLC? • This site’s namesake: August & book about him

YouTube playlist — alt link

  1. half·alive, Hot Tea (Long Beach, CA)</
  2. Tame Impala, No Choice (Perth, WA, AU)
  3. The War On Drugs, Change (Philadelphia)
  4. Magdalena Bay, You Lose! (Los Angeles)
  5. Ruel, Growing Up Is ____ (London)
  6. White Lies, I Don’t Want To Go To Mars (London)
  7. Band of Horses, In Need of Repair (Seattle)
  8. Hippo Campus, Semi Pro (St. Paul, MN)
  9. Broken Social Scene, This House Is On Fire (Toronto)
  10. American Football, Rare Symmetry (Urbana, IL)
  11. Watchhouse, Harvest Moon (Chapel Hill, NC)
  12. Bon Iver, Second Nature (Eau Claire, WI)
  13. Léon, Fade Into A Dream (?)
  14. Beach House, Over and Over (Baltimore, MD)
  15. Godford, The Hill (?)
  16. London Grammar, Heat Waves (Nottingham, UK)

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