@AUGUSTSLIST 4/16-5/15, 2021, #541 DLC Nurse & Learn is the only daycare center in Jacksonville FL accepting kids with severe impairments / medical needs. What are working parents/guardians to do? This worthy nonprofit needs your support! Please donate $10 • Learn more hereGo to “Give” • Read Why DLC? • This site’s namesake: August & book about him

YouTube playlist — alt link

  1. Oscar and the Wolf, James (Belgium)
  2. Mother Mother, I Got Love (Quadra Island, BC, CAN)
  3. Birdy, Wings (Lymington, UK)
  4. Little Simz, Introvert (London)
  5. The Chemical Brothers, The Darkness That You Fear (Manchester, UK)
  6. Ex:Re, Blonde Redhead, Misery Is a Butterfly (London)
  7. PVRIS, Nola 1 (Lowsell, MA)
  8. Jacob Banks, Too Much (Birmingham, UK & Nigeria)
  9. London Grammar, I Need the Night (Nottingham, UK)
  10. Vök, Lost in the Weekend (Reykjavík, Iceland)
  11. Joywave, After Coffee (Rochester, NY)
  12. Ayron Jones, Spinning Circles (Seattle)
  13. Amy Shark, Amy Shark (Gold Coast, Queensland, AU)
  14. Bianca Rose, Jake Isaaac, Skin (Nigeria)
  15. Orla Gartland, Zombie! (Dublin, IRE)

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