@AUGUSTSLIST 10/06-10/31, 2020, #535 • Please donate $10 (or more) to the DLC Nurse & Learn in Jax FL • DLC: an after-school facility for kids with significant impairments and/or medical needs. Learn more here. Go to “Give To Kids” • Read Why DLC? • A book about August, this site’s namesake

YouTube playlist — alt link

  1. Awolnation, Lightning Riders (Los Angeles)
  2. Travis, Waving At The Window (Glasgow)
  3. The Smashing Pumpkins, In Ashes, Ep. 1 (Chicago)
  4. Night Traveler, Carolina (Austin TX)
  5. London Grammar, Californian Soil (Nottingham, UK)
  6. Matt Maeson + Lana Del Rey, Hallucinogenics (Virginia Beach and NYC)
  7. Blue October, Completely (Houston)
  8. Hurts, White Horses (Manchester)
  9. Chelou, Not The Man I Thought (?)
  10. Awolnation, Mayday!!! Fiesta Fever (Los Angeles)
  11. The Smashing Pumpkins, In Ashes, Ep. 3 (Chicago)
  12. Travis, Nina’s Song (Glasgow)
  13. Fleet Foxes, Can I Believe You (Seattle)

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