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YouTube playlist — alt link

  1. Ruth B, Rare (Edmunton, Alberta)
  2. AJR, Role Models (NYC)
  3. The Wombats, Bee-Sting (Liverpool)
  4. LP & Swanky Tunes, Day By Day (Long Island & Smolensk, Russia)
  5. SYML, Clean Eyes (Seattle)
  6. Jacob Banks & Seinabo Sey, Be Good To Me (Nigeria & Stockholm)
  7. Hippo Campus, Golden (Minneapolis)
  8. Leon Bridges, If It Feels Good (Ft. Worth)
  9. Metric, Now or Never Now (Toronto)
  10. LÉON, Baby Don’t Talk (Stockholm)
  11. Seafret, Bad Blood (Bridlington, UK)
  12. Roosevelt, Shadows (Germany)
  13. Pomplamoose, Be Better At Listening (Corte Madera, CA)
  14. Interpol, Pioneer To The Falls (NYC)

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