@AUGUSTSLIST Overlooked good music • 4/29-5/5, 2018, #469 • Please donate $10 (or more) to the DLC Nurse & Learn in Jax FL • DLC: an after-school facility for kids with significant impairments. Learn more here. Go to “Give To Kids” • Read Why DLC? • About August

YouTube playlist — alt link

  1. The Wombats, Turn (Liverpool)
  2. Benjamin Booker, Believe (Virginia Beach, VA)
  3. Aquilo, Seagull (Lancashire, UK)
  4. Pomplamoose, Pumped Up Kicks Radiohead Mashup (Corte Madera, CA)
  5. Jessica Lea Mayfield, Offa My Hands (Kent, OH)
  6. Thievery Corporation, Waiting Too Long ft. Notch (Washington, DC)
  7. Mozaics, Before We Grow Old (San Francisco)
  8. Leon Bridges, Beyond (Fort Worth, TX)
  9. Aurora, Queendom (Hordaland, Norway)
  10. Daughter, All I Wanted (London)
  11. April Towers, Tel Aviv (Nottingham, UK)

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