@AUGUSTSLIST 10/21-10/25, 2017 #424 • This playlist available on Spotify • Please donate $10 (or more) to the DLC Nurse & Learn in Jacksonville, FL. DLC is a day facility for children with significant impairments. Watch a video about DLC here. Make the world a better place by going to “Give To Kids” • Read Why DLC? • About AugustBest of 2016 . 1

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  1. Sol Heilo, Killing Karma (Norway)
  2. Awolnation, Passion (Los Angerles)
  3. Alvvays, In Undertow (Toronto)
  4. Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton, Legend of the Wild Horse (Toronto)
  5. Japanese Breakfast, The Body Is A Blade (Eugene, OR)
  6. Oh Wonder, Ultralife (London)
  7. Portugal. The Man, Feel It Still (Portland, OR)
  8. Citizen, Flowerchild (Toledo, OH)

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