@AUGUSTSLIST • 09/05–09/07, 277 • Support this site—donate $10 to help kids with exceptional needs @ DLC Nurse & Learn in Jacksonville FL • Read Why DLC • About August

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  1. Lydia Loveless, “Clumps” (Coshocton, OH)
  2. Ben Folds, “Capable of Anything” (Winston-Salem, NC)
  3. Blind Pilot, “Umpqua Rushing” (Astoria, OR)
  4. Tom Chaplin, “Quicksand” (Hastings, UK)
  5. John Paul White, “The Martyr” (Loretto, TN)
  6. Empire Of The Sun, “Two Vines” (Sydney)
  7. Bastille , “Good Grief” (London)

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