AUGUST’S LIST  •  06/13–06/15/16, 251  •  Support this music site by donating $5 (or more) to help kids with exceptional needs @ DLC Nurse & Learn in Jacksonville FL  •  Read why here  •  Read about August  •  #bandofhorses #LP #mooseblood #gordi #axelflóvent #fearofmen #classixx #tpain

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      1. Band of Horses, “Throw My Mess” (Seattle/LA)
      2. LP [Laura Pergolizzi], “Lost On You” (Long Island)
      3. Moose Blood, “Knuckles” (Canterbury, UK)
      4. Gordi, “Nothing’s As It Seems” (Sydney)
      5. Band of Horses, “Whatever, Wherever” (Seattle/LA)
      6. Axel Flóvent, Oblivious” (Reykjavík)
      7. Fear of Men, “Trauma” (Brighton, UK)
      8. Classixx, w/ T-Pain, “Whatever I Want” (LA)
      9. Sur Back [Caroline Sans], “Trophy Daughter” (Jupiter, FL)

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