AUGUST’S LIST  05/23–05/25/16, 244 •  #bandofskulls #jakebugg #nitejewel, #honne #izzybizu #heymarseilles #turnover #frightenedrabbit #thelastshadowpuppets

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    1. Band Of Skulls, “So Good” (Southampton, UK)
    2. Jake Bugg, “Love, Hope And Misery” (Nottingham, UK)
    3. HONNE & Izzy Bizu, “Someone That Loves You” (Wiltshire, UK & London)
    4. Hey Marseilles, “Eyes On You” (Seattle)
    5. Frightened Rabbit, “Break” (Selkirk, Scotland)
    6. Turnover, “Humming” (Virginia Beach, VA)
    7. The Last Shadow Puppets, “Miracle Aligner” (Sheffield/Liverpool, UK)
    8. Nite Jewel, “Kiss the Screen” (Los Angeles)

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