4/26-4/28, 2016, #235. All videos were published within the last two weeks (with exception of Prince) • #prince #blossoms #shearwater #ofmonstersandmen #charliecunningham #schwarzdontcrack #foals #silversunpickups

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Alternative link

  1. Prince, “Purple Rain” (Minneapolis)
  2. Schwarz Dont Crack, “Getaway” (Berlin)
  3. Blossoms, “Getaway” (Manchester, UK)
  4. Shearwater, “Wildlife In America” (Austin)
  5. Of Monsters and Men, “Wolves Without Teeth” (Coachella 4/15/16; Iceland)
  6. Charlie Cunningham, “While You Are Young” (London)
  7. Foals, “Mountain” (Coachella 4/15/16; Oxford UK)
  8. Silversun Pickups, “Nightlight” (Coachella 4/16/16; Los Angeles)

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