4/23-4/25, 2016, #234. All videos were published within the last two weeks • #andrewbird #eleanorfriedberger #unknownmortalorchestra #frightenedrabbit #tamaryn #thepheels #livinghour

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Alternative link

  1. Sam Beam & Jesca Hoop, “Every Songbird Says” (Chapin, SC & Santa Rosa, CA)
  2. Andrew Bird, “Are You Serious” (Lake Forest, IL)
  3. Frightened Rabbit, “Woke Up Hurting” (Selkirk Scotland)
  4. Tamaryn, “Sugarfix” (New Zealand / New York)
  5. The Pheels, “Don’t Play Yourself” (Atlanta)
  6. Living Hour, “Seagull” (Winnipeg)
  7. Eleanor Friedberger, “Does Turquoise Work?” (Oak Park, IL)
  8. Unknown Mortal Orchestra, “Can’t Keep Checking My Phone” (Coachella, 4/16/16; Auckland, NZ & Portland, OR)

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