4/20-4/22, 2016, #233. All videos were published within the last two weeks • #blocparty #eleanorfriedberger #megmyers #brianfallon #nightmoves #bobmould #mitski #bibio

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Alternative link

  1. Bloc Party, “Virtue” (London)
  2. ‪Eleanor Friedberger, “He Didn’t Mention His Mother “ (Oak Park, IL)
  3. Meg Myers, “Motel” (Nashville)
  4. Brian Fallon, “Painkillers” (Red Bank, NJ)
  5. ‪Night Moves, “Denise, Don’t Wanna See You Cry” (Minnesota)
  6. ‪Bob Mould, “Hold On” (Malone, NY)
  7. Mitski, “Your Best American Girl” (NYC)
  8. Bibio, “Light Up The Sky” (West Midlands, UK)

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