2/12-2/14, 2016, #211. All videos were published within the last two weeks • #djangodjango #holyghost! #spookyland #parquetcourts #thedeadweather #baio #cavernofantimatter #low  #ellis

 p copy DLC Nurse & Learn. Give to the DLC so it can help kids with special needs. Click the link above.

Alternative link

    1. ‪‬Django Django, “Life We Know‬” (London)‬
    2. The Dead Weather, “Impossible Winner‬” (Nashville)
    3. Ellis, “Driving In This Storm” (Minneapolis)
    4. Spookyland, “God’s Eyes” (Sydney, AU)
    5. ‪Baio [from Vampire Weekend], “The Names‬” (‬LA)
    6. Cavern of Anti Matter, with Bradford Cox, “Liquid Gate” (Berlin)
    7. Parquet Courts, “Dust” (NYC)
    8. Holy Ghost! “Crime Cutz” (Brooklyn)
    9. Low, “Try to Sleep” (Duluth, MN)

Help the kids at  DLC Nurse & Learn

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