12/16-12/17, 2015, #190. All videos published within the last two weeks.

 p copy DLC Nurse & Learn Give to the DLC so it can help kids with special needs. Click the link above.

Alternative link

      1. Luke Top, “On The Shore” (LA)
      2. Leif Erikson, “Looking For Signs” (London)
      3. Ra Ra Riot, “Water” (Syracuse, NY)
      4. Albert Hammond Jr., “Everyone Gets a Star” (LA)
      5. Raury, “Trap Tears” (Atlanta)
      6. Field Music, “The Noisy Days Are Over” (Sunderland, UK)
      7. Purity Ring, “Heartsigh” (Edmunton, Alberta)
      8. Madeira, “Let Me Down” (?)
      9. Nicholas Krgovich, “Backlot Detail” (Vancouver, BC)

Help the kids at  DLC Nurse & Learn

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