11/18-11/20, 2015, #181. All videos published within the last two weeks.

 p copy DLC Nurse & Learn Give to the DLC so it can help kids with special needs. Click the link above.

Alternative link

    1. ‪‪Arrow Benjamin with Naughty Boy [Shahid Khan], “Runnin” (Lose It All) (Watford, UK)
    2. Daughter, “Numbers” (London)
    3. Mid Ayr, “Letting You In” (Brisbane, AU)
    4. Julia Holter, “Sea Calls Me Home” (Los Angeles)
    5. ‪Hydrogen Sea, “Before I Go” (‬Brussels, Belgium)
    6. Courtney Barnett, “Depreston” (Melbourne, AU)
    7. United Fruit, “Nightmare, Recovery” (Glasgow)

Help the kids at  DLC Nurse & Learn

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