@AUGUSTSLIST • 11/17–11/19, 2014, #4 • Support this site—donate $10 to help kids with exceptional needs @ the DLC Make the world a better place: Go to “Give To Kids”—scroll down (mobile) or go to right side of screen (laptop) • Read Why DLC • About August

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Ms Mr, Eversay, Kacey Musgraves, Slaid Cleaves, Porcelain Raft, The Boy Least Likely, Jullian Jones, Agnes Abel, Laura Welsh, Portugal The Man, Temples, The Knocks, Pacific Air, Vintage Trouble, Glasser, The Mountains, Sultanov, Scarlett Hill, Diamond Thug, Jukebox the Ghost, Papa, Tunng, Valerie June, Midi Matilda, Low, Neonfaith, MMX, Yuna, Dan Griffin, Onuinu, Aspire, Ola, Younan, Atlantic Attraction

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